Gentle Dentistry = Your Comfort

We make sure you are comfortable and at ease.

Our Practice Is Based On Gentle Dentistry

Our staff strives to provide care for our patients in the most comforting manner possible, otherwise known as gentle dentistry.

We realize that dental procedures often evoke some degree of anxiety in people, so we practice gentle dentistry to make you comfortable and the procedure painless. We have nitrous oxide (laughing gas) available to allay anxiety, as we find that this is often very effective on anxious adult patients and even more useful with children (Usually, no local anesthetic injection is even required on children with the use of nitrous oxide). If a local anesthetic is required, Dr. Wooddell will first place a topical anesthetic on the area to be numbed. We also can prescribe anti-anxiety medications for our patients to be taken prior to the procedure. Patients are encouraged to bring whatever music they would like to listen to (Iphone, MP3 player, etc.)  Finally, we have found that by clearly explaining any planned procedures (what the procedure is, why it is being done), much of the patient’s anxiety can be eliminated.

We believe that combining these methods with gentle dentistry and thorough, compassionate care will provide comfort to our patients and reduce the level of anxiety for future dental visits.

We practice gentle dentistry for the entire family

We practice gentle dentistry for the entire family.